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YXE Votes

A social platform for the Saskatoon 2012 Civic Election sharing candidates and ward information.

YXE Votes

YXE Voices

A civic engagement platform to promote the sharing and discussion of ideas on ways to improve our city.

Pando Branches

Mapping the location of donated fruit trees to automate the workload for coordinating the harvest.

Story Project

A story telling platform to share amazing life experiences that embraces the idea that everyone has a story to share.

SMS Project

Leveraging SMS as a platform to provide support services for vulnerable groups in our community.

Health Facility Map

Partnership with BongoHive to build a map of all the health facilities in Saskatchewan.

Repurposed Labs

Bridging the digital divide by repurposing used computers into free internet access terminals for disadvantaged communities.

I Vote Because…

Pro-democracy movement to encourage Canadians to share why voting matters, why every voice counts.

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